Are you a student sat for G.C.E. (O/L) but not qualified for G.C.E. (A/L)…..? Or, qualified only for A/L Arts Stream which hardly guarantees any career opportunities…..? Or, sat A/L in any stream but didn’t get a chance to enter public university……? Or, completed your degree in any stream and unable to get a job opportunity……..? And…… looking for a Professional Career Opportunity with Attractive Remuneration………..?

We the SIKARAM ACADEMY, pioneers in providing career oriental professional training in the fields of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Business Studies in Northern Province with guaranteed job placement will give you a tailor-made solution guaranteeing bright future for you.

As tourism has started to boom in Sri Lanka, recorded 2.05 million tourist arrivals in 2016, forecasting 2.5 million in 2017 and 4.5 million in 2020 according to the Tourism Board of Sri Lanka, it has opened up vast range of career opportunities in Tourism, Hospitality and related Business fields. Increasing number of hotels built in Sri Lanka to cater these expected number of tourists arrivals in millions need at least 250,000 trained human resources to serve the customers.
This is the right time for the youth in Sri Lanka, especially those who are from Northern and Eastern Provinces where unemployment has become a major issue to grab this golden opportunity. Undergone hard times for more than 30 years of war, which has devastated many of its industries, these provinces got huge vacuum for employment opportunities. The booming Tourism industry has become the solution for this issue for the youth of these provinces giving tremendous career opportunities.

Studying hospitality opens up a variety of career path choices. Tourism industry is vast, incorporating hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, cafes, airlines, cruise ships, events, convention centres, travel operators and tourist guides. It also covers the careers like accountants, cashiers, receptionists, marketing assistants from the field of business. When the youth got equipped with needed skills in one of the areas such as Tourism Management, Front Office Management, Food and Beverages Management, House Keeping, Culinary Arts, Marketing Management, Accounting, Business Management etc. they will easily find good job opportunities with attractive remuneration.

We at SIKARAM ACADEMY, provide in-depth trainings in the fields mentioned above with guaranteed job opportunities for all students joining us. A career guidance program provided initially for all students will help them to choose the right career suitable for their caliber. It will help them to identify their real strengths and grab the opportunities available by overcoming the weaknesses and threats faced by them. We will help them to develop a proper vision plan and guide them for specific and achievable goal setting which will assure them their dream life.
Those who are not confident in English Communication Skills will be provided with an intensive English Training Program, specially designed to eradicate the fear factor prevailing within them and will make them communicate in English with confident. English for Hospitality Program also will be provided additionally to prepare the students to be well versed with professional English needed to work in the hospitality industry.
Our industry focused training will make the students capable to handle ever demanding skills by the industry. Our experienced staffs, most of them are industry practitioners will mold the students with expected skills to become professionals fitting to the industry demands.

Our method of training will include industry site visits, guest lectures by industry experts, paid internships, exposure visits to tourism attractive places, taking part in hospitality business activities organized by the academy, such as running small restaurants, tour guide services etc. Our relationship with the leading industry stakeholders will give opportunities to the students to get on the job training and sharpen their skills acquired.
Students trained by SIKARAM ACADEMY, become energetic, creative, and innovative with right attitude towards the relevant industries. They will be equipped with both needed knowledge and skills related to the field of their study and will become ready to work capacity. That’s why 100% of our students are easily being recruited by the leading hotels

Instead of being guided only towards a handful of professions in the fields of medicine, engineering, accounting, teaching etc. if you get exposed to this specific field of tourism where tremendous opportunities available, you won’t end up with unemployment issues and get frustrated. After the G.C.E. Ordinary Level or Advanced Level, with or without attractive results you can choose this field as your career path way and get employed soon years prior to your parallels at school who get a chance to enter university education.

So, what else you want?

Come and join the SIKARAM ACADEMY, improve your knowledge and skills, and get employed in the booming Tourism and Hospitality Industry with attractive remunerations.

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